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The Perfect Deodorant!

Creamy! Smooth! Natural! No white residue and no nasties!

Just the right scent – perfect for all genders and ages with antibacterial tea tree, eucalyptus and a light touch of lavender essential oils.

Made with organic, fair-trade shea butter, coconut oil, corn starch and your choice of baking soda or arrowroot powder (*pick No B.S. if you want w/o baking soda). Butters are from Baraka Butter, an organization that employs women in Ghana with fair-trade employment!

Comes in a 125 ml reusable glass mason jar that fits perfectly in your bag for travelling and hand for applying. Apply with your finger-tip. A little dab will do you all day long!! 

Keep out of direct sunlight as it contains no wax. If it should liquify, just chill again and it will solidify. No need to keep it refrigerated.

Love Built partners with local, worthy organizations! All soaps come in a reusable cotton drawstring bag made by Epic Smile in St. Malo Manitoba, Canada. Epic Smile employs adults with disabilities through gainful employment.

When you purchase a Love Built Soap you are supporting a minimum of 3 local, small businesses!

Share the Love! Love yourself and your Earth!