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I often get asked the same questions over and over…like… How is a Bed and Breakfast same/different than Airbnb? I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast and I’m not sure what to expect, so I’m a little nervous. What’s it like? 

I’ve attempted to answer some of my most frequently asked questions below. If I’ve missed some, feel free to send a question and I’ll do my best to answer them and put your mind at ease!

Is a bed and breakfast a great way to travel, stay and experience a wonderful holiday? Why not just get a hotel or Airbnb?

The answer to that is hands down – YES, it’s a wonderful way to experience the most a stay has to offer! Most people, even those who have never stayed at a B&B, who thought they’d only like Airbnb or hotels, are thrilled to discover that they LOVED their stay at The House That Love Built Bed and Breakfast! They discover that staying at real bed and breakfast rivals all those less personal stays. Many declare it is their favorite stay option and will gladly choose a bed and breakfast stay again and again and again!

Is there an onsite host?

Yes, most of the time Fawn or a substitute of her choice (friend, family member, employee) will be onsite. Of course she does have a life outside the B&B so after welcoming you, getting you settled, seeing that you have all the information you need to make your stay as comfortable and exciting/quiet as you’d like it to be, after directing you to local attractions, restaurants, parks etc, Fawn will leave you to enjoy your stay with as little or much host interaction as you desire.

Do I have to visit with you and do we stay “together”?

 NO! LOL! Believe it or not, a generation of Airbnb has changed what people expect when staying in bed and breakfasts and many individuals really have no idea what to expect and are often nervous or hesitant to book thinking I’m going to follow them around and hover/hang out! Goodness NO! You’re welcome to join me, family, employees or other guests for a cup of coffee or tea if it suits you during your stay. Sometimes guests linger visiting with other guests or hosts over breakfasts or in the evenings around popcorn and a fire but often guests stick mostly to themselves and their own agendas and that’s perfectly OK! There is no right or wrong way to do this and we’ve become experts here at gauging guests desire for privacy and interaction. We’re happy to say hi and let you pass through to your room, spend a minute or two chatting or even sit down with a cuppa with you if you’d like! Your choice! Relax and enjoy!

Is there parking?

Yes, there is parking on the street as well as 2 parking pads. Look for parking pads and open spaces in front of the porch or park on the street if those are full.

What time is check in?

Generally, 4 pm – 9 pm. Please let Fawn know your ETA. If you’re going to be later than your expected time, please msg Fawn on her cell to arrange check in as soon as you know you will be late.

Can I self-check in?

No. Fawn or another host will greet and welcome you.

Can I come and go like in a hotel?

Absolutely. Once you’re checked in, you’re welcome to come and go at any time. Please respect quiet time and remember that others may be sleeping early.

What time is check out?

Check out is 12 noon.

Can I get a late or early check in/out?

12 pm is a fairly late check out, so, no, usually a late check out is not possible because Fawn has to prepare rooms/tents for other guests. Early check ins are also not usually available because Fawn has a day job outside the B&B. If you do REQUIRE either, please check with Fawn and she will see if she can accommodate you.

Can I use the yard?

Yes! Absolutely! You’re welcome to enjoy the shared yard with other guests and the host’s family/friends. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Are there bathrooms and a shower?

Yes, you will have access to bathrooms and a shower.

I’m not sure if I want to add on breakfast, charcuterie or pizza? Can I add them on later?

Yes, if available. To check, go to bookings and select add ons and see if they are available. All add ons must be booked at least 2 weeks prior to your stay.

What other add ons are there? How do I add them on to my stay?

You can book them with your reservation. They include homemade pizza, charcuterie and wine, breakfast, murder mystery dinners, manicures (she comes to you), soap making workshops and other workshops/tours.

Are you open year-round?

The Bed and Breakfast is open year-round. The Glamping Tent is seasonal based on the weather but generally from late May/early June to Mid Oct.

Do we get the whole house and yard to ourselves?

Though it is both a traditional B&B and listed on Airbnb along with other hosting sites, The House That Love Built B&B is a HOSTED stay and Fawn lives on the premises and hosts you to ensure the best stay imaginable.  You are renting a room like you would in a hotel. You will not have the whole place to yourself.

Can we rent the whole house?

No, you are not able to rent the whole house.

Do I have to bring my own bedding/make or unmake the bedding or do any laundry?

Unlike traditional Airbnb, even though I am an Airbnb host as well as on other booking platforms, guests do not need to bring any laundry or bedding or towels aside from a beach towel for the hot tub and beach excursions. I make and unmake the beds, do the laundry, provide all bedding and towels. Beds are made before your stay and if you stay more than 4 days, bedding will be washed and made on the 5th day. Towels put in the provided hamper will be washed throughout your stay and restocked daily. Extra bedding and pillows are available as needed.

Is there a hot tub?

Yes – there is a three-season hot tub outside you are invited to enjoy. Quiet time is 11 pm. If multiple guest parties are staying at the same time, Fawn will post a hot-tub booking time for guests to sign up. Please see hot tub rules posted onsite.

Do I get my own, private bathroom?

It depends on guest numbers. If you’re the only guest, you’ll have the main floor bathroom to yourself. Fawn, family, employees will use the upstairs bathroom. If there are multiple guest parties, bathrooms will be shared. Tent guests will have use of the indoor bathroom if other guests and B&B is unlocked (host onsite). A porta-potty will be available as well as outdoor running water asap/seasonally.

Can I cook and use the kitchen?

There is a coffee/tea bar guests have access to from 6 am to midnight. The stove is for host/employee use only. You are welcome to use either of the 2 available microwaves. The upstairs fridge and other kitchen appliances are for host use or house stays only.

Is laundry available?

Laundry, for a fee is available with extended stays over 5 days.

Can I do a one-night stay?

During off season (Oct.- May), one-night stays at the B&B are available. They may not/may be available during holidays – please check calendar. From May long to end of September, a two-night stay is required on weekends. The tent is always a minimum 2-night stay during the week and three nights on long weekends.

Can I do extended stays and do you offer a discount?

Extended stays are available and extended stay discounts begin on the 8th night. For month stays or longer, contact Fawn via the contact/question form to book and for further information.

Do I have a fridge and coffee maker in my room?

There is a communal coffee maker with coffee and tea bar with a wide tea selection available for guest use in the kitchen. There is a Bodrum coffee maker and kettle in the tent (bring your own supplies). 2 guest rooms have bar fridges. If you need other fridge space, please indicate in your booking and Fawn will do her best to arrange space for you in her spare basement fridge. You may also bring your own cooler to keep in your room.

Can I invite friends and family to stay/visit?

Paying guests are welcome during your stay – other guests and parties are politely declined and invited to come back as a paying guest. Fawn can direct you to public village spaces where you can gather with your friends.

Do you allow parties?

Parties are not allowed.

Do you do event bookings?

No, we do not allow you to book the space for events.

Can I bring alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal)?

You are welcome to bring and enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly. Drunkenness, intoxication, rudeness or other irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated and will result in whole party dismissal without reimbursement and possible RCMP involvement/reporting. (The local RCMP are my friends). Illegal drugs are absolutely NOT allowed. Legalized drugs are to be consumed off the property only. Consuming them on the property will result in dismissal as listed above.

Is smoking allowed?

Only outside in designated areas. Please butt out carefully and use receptacles provided. Absolutely no smoking in any buildings, outbuildings, the hot tub or tent. Smoking inside or in the tent will result in immediate dismissal without reimbursement. Neither you or my tent want to go up in flames!!!

Do you allow pets?

Sorry, we have a no pet policy due to allergies and the desire to keep all premises allergen free for all guests, family, friends and employees.

What about service animals?

Do you allow those? A: Service pets, with service papers, are welcome in the house. Please – no pets on the beds or furniture!!! No pets are allowed in the tent due to air mattresses, rugs and screens. There is a pet damage deposit for service pets – please indicate at time of booking. Guests must clean up after their pets.

Why would someone go to St. Pierre for a holiday? What’s there to do?

You come for the experience, the people, nature and to be pampered and treated wonderfully!  Besides that, there is a whole and growing list of “things to do” listed on our website. Check it out! You’ll find so many reasons to come you won’t be able to stay away and you’ll be back as soon as you can to check another off your list!

Do you accommodate children?

Absolutely! There are toys to play with and a wonderful new outdoor sand pit, play structure, playhouse for kiddies! The Farmhouse Room has a toddler bed, the I LOVE YOU room has a crib and downstairs has 2 singles perfect for kids. You’re welcome to bring your own collapsible playpen. The tent has a queen and 2 singles that are brought in and out as needed and there is one extra available real mattress if needed. Please clean up after your children.

How many people can fit in each room?

Please see room descriptions. We can add a mattress to the floor for a child in the Farmhouse Room but extra adults need to book a separate room after 2 adults/room.

Are you wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately, due to the fact that the house is 108 years old, we are not wheelchair accessible. The easiest way for someone with limited mobility to enter the house is through the garage/shop door where they only need to step up one step to enter the house and 3 steps to the main floor. These guests should book the Farmhouse Room which is on the main floor and steps away from the bathroom.

What is a “Family Style breakfast” and is it included in the price?

“Family style” simply means one breakfast choice per group as Fawn typically hosts, cooks and serves most groups on her own, only relying on outside help with larger bookings. Breakfast is included in your B&B stay and an ad on for the Glamping Tent. (See menu selections below).

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

Absolutely! Fawn is celiac and eats gluten free. Her kitchen is almost completely gluten free and non-gluten free items are  brought in from outside, handled with care and separate dishes used for all with careful cleaning between. The same goes for other allergens. Fawn is a food handler certified. Please be sure to indicate any food allergies or restrictions when booking. Menu options are available to accommodate food/dietary needs.

How/where/when do you serve breakfast?

As often as the weather allows, breakfast is served in the garden, on the patio. When it’s not possible to eat in the garden, meals are served at the dining table. When possible, guests are served at the same time however, should guests prefer, I will attempt to accommodate separate serving times. Times are generally discussed the evening before.

What about food? Can I bring my own? Eat out? What are my options?

Breakfast is provided for all B&B guests booking through my website. Breakfast is optional and an ad on for a fee on other booking sites. Other meals that are not added on at time of booking can be brought in and eaten at the communal table (clean up after yourself!), eaten out at local restaurants (we can advise you) or brought with you and warmed up in the microwave. There is an electric bbq if you want to bring your own food and clean up after yourself!

What are these “experiential tourism packages” about?

They are holiday packages that give you a chance to experience more than just a get-a-way. You’ll get to do a variety of things based on your choices; create something, tour something, cook something, learn something new! Check out the full selection in the experiential tourism package area on the website.

When and how do I pay?

Online at time of booking. A credit card is required.

What is your cancellation policy?

Payment is due in full upon booking for stays, add ons and experiences. Full refunds are granted up to 48 hours after booking. 50% refunds are granted from 48 hours after booking until 2 weeks prior to day of arrival. No refunds after 2 weeks prior to day of arrival. Food ad ons are nonrefundable due to bulk shopping orders made upon booking.

Is a damage deposit and credit card required?

A damage deposit is required for the tent, house stay bookings and your credit card information is kept on file for 48 hours after any visit incase damage is found. Damage deposits are not required for B&B bookings, but credit card numbers are required and kept for the same time and reasons.

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