The House That Love Built Bed and Breakfast is a 107 year old renovated farmhouse. Moved from St. Jean Baptist to 471 Jolys Avenue West, St. Pierre Jolys after the 50’s flood, the home was placed on a full, new basement and experienced various renovations over it’s years.

Fawn bought the sad looking but “good bones” home in spring of 2018 with a vision to turn it into a bright, light and cheerful home for her friends, students and family – now growing with grandchildren. Moving back to St. Pierre where she had lived and raised her family for 17 years, where 2 of her sons and families still lived would require extensive renovations and was only possible with the hard work of her construction worker sons, Fawn’s friends and adult ESL students’ labors of love. Many hours were spent ripping out the ‘scary’ wallpaper, dated flooring, pirate-medallions and various other ‘strange décor additions’, replacing leaking roofs, collapsing toilets, and ‘shocking’ electrical. Thus the name, “The House That Love Built” came purely out of the amount of love poured into it to bring it “back to life” and pour love back into its humble rooms.

The House That Love Built is now a cozy, home with gorgeous barnwood style floors, bright and light paint, new stainless-steel appliances, a cheery open-family concept, with electric fireplaces on each floor, big light loving windows and farmhouse screen doors that allow the sunshine and fresh air to flow from the front porch all the way through to the cottage style veggies, herbs and flower gardens, children’s play structure and pool, fire-pit, and alfresco dining area.

Though a bed and breakfast was not in the original plans, Fawn a certified school and ESL teacher nurtured a life-long, childhood dream of hosting guests, travelers and those longing for a peaceful retreat has come to life in this historic 4 bedroom home. Fawn has 2-3 guest rooms available all year long, offers a choice of several delicious, hot breakfasts to guests including accommodating most dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, dairy free) in her gluten free kitchen as well as offering various “experiential” packages.

Since Covid and a 16 month span without guests, Fawn has added several aspects to her business, dubbed “Love Built”. While everyone else baked bread, Fawn learned how to make all-natural soap, deodorants and body butters. She also turned her 20+ year hobby of furniture refinishing into part of her business and now offers repainted/refinished furniture for sale from her newly finished garage-turned-shop as well as bringing life back to customer’s own beloved and heritage pieces through custom refinishing.

Fawn’s soaps celebrate Canadian culture, heritage and life with a focus on Manitoba grown products. Crafted by hand using real, locally grown fruit, veggies, herbs and spices including alfalfa from her stomping grounds of Tolstoi, St. Pierre Joly’s very own maple syrup, nourishing clays and pure essential oils, Fawn’s fine-arts degree comes into full play with her beautiful, artistic soaps. Not only do they look like pure art – they are kind to your skin and with zero waste, they’re also kind to our planet. Each product comes in a hand-sewn reusable cotton drawstring bag made by Epic SMILE in St. Malo, and products containing shea or cocoa butter are from an organization that employs women in Ghana with fair-trade employment. When you purchase Love Built products you are sharing the love locally and globally!

There are few things Fawn loves more than hosting friends and family for meals, tea, fires, parties and dances in the garden and when you stay at The House That Love Built B&B you become a friend. Relax in the garden hammock, hike or bike the Canadian Crow Wing Trail, just a 2 min walk from the house, rent kayaks or fat bikes from Sayzoons and head for a paddle, ride or swim at St. Malo beach, a 10 minute scenic drive from St. Pierre. Dine in one of 5 local restaurants and bistros, check out the local treasures in the village shops, get a personal museum tour or even book a massage at one of several licensed massage therapists.

You don’t even have to leave the yard to enjoy fun and relaxing experiences. Fawn offers several seasonal and year-round experience packages. When you stay the weekend (or 2+ weekdays), pick fresh herbs and tomatoes to cook up a sauce for homemade pizza night, enjoy an outdoor movie and fire-side complete with smores and/or movie theatre style popcorn, learn how to make all-natural soap or paint up a furniture piece you can take home at the end of your stay. Bring the girls for a ladies’ pajama party weekend complete with charcuterie boards, games or movies and wine packages, or bring your special someone for a romantic get-away packages. An excellent cook, you will relish Fawn’s home baked welcoming goodies, nightly popcorn rituals, delicious hot breakfasts made with farm fresh eggs, bacon, honey, garden fresh fruits and vegetables cooked up fresh and served family style at the large farm kitchen or alfresco!

Tired? Need to get out in nature and experience a personal retreat? Find a cozy space to curl up with a book and journal, toast your toes by the electric fireplace, snuggle into comfortable beds that call you back to sleep, dream to bird songs, savor nature trails, river walks, and always a hot cuppa waiting when needed.

The House That Love Built Bed and Breakfast, along with Love Built Soaps and Furniture is a unique, all-in-one, home-away-from-home, restful retreat and adventure based on your personal preferences. Fawn would love to host you, send you home with some good-for-you soap and a lovely piece of furniture to commemorate your stay…till you come again of course!